01. The [typical] North American adult moves away from home between the ages of 18 - 20.
02. Women in our society are [typically] expected to do the majority of work raising children.
03. Parents of the child say his injury [typifies] the kind of aggressive play being encouraged by some coaches in hockey today.
04. The teenager was dressed in the [typical] adolescent rebel uniform of bluejeans and leather jacket.
05. I'm not interested in having the [typical] tourist holiday in Greece; I want to meet the real people of the country.
06. Mariko said her husband Yoshiro is a [typical] Japanese husband who never does any housework whatsoever.
07. Paolo is the [typical] Mexican farm laborer who has moved to the capital city in search of a better life.
08. Professor of criminal justice James Alan Fox once remarked that the [typical] mass murderer is extraordinarily ordinary.
09. Chili powder today is [typically] a blend of dried chillies, garlic powder, red peppers, oregano, and cumin.
10. It has been estimated that the [typical] American will spend an average of 2 years of his/her life reading newspapers.
11. Aside from medical costs, it's been determined that new parents in the U.S. [typically] spend $7,000 in a baby's first year on everything from diapers to formula to daycare.
12. The [typical] American spends an average of one year of his or her life speaking on the telephone.
13. Singer Billy Joel once suggested that a [typical] day in the life of a heavy metal musician consists of a round of golf, and an AA meeting.
14. Someone once joked that the [typical] American boy would love to go to the moon, but hates to go to the supermarket for his mother.
15. The [typical] surface of the planet earth is not our continental land masses but the ocean floor.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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